Voice Physio for Singers

Your Voice is Closely Connnected with your Neck, Jaw & Tongue.


Tension in these areas Can Affect Your Singing but Help is Available.


If You are a Singer who needs Help with Tongue Root Tension

or You want to Improve the Freedom of your Singing

You are on the Right Page


Singers are Athletes of the Voice who often have Demanding Vocal Schedules with Performances and Rehearsals.
It is all too Common for Singers to experience Tension in your Voicing areas, such as Larynx, Jaw, Tongue, Neck… etc.


How can Physio help?

Your Voice is a Musculoskeletal Instrument and your Voice Physios can use Manual Therapy Techniques to help Alleviate the feeling of Tightness and Tension in your Voicing areas and help Improve the Efficiency of your Voicing.


Further, being Adept in managing various Musculoskeletal Overuse Conditions, your Voice Physio can help you Understand, Monitor, and Manage your Vocal Load so you can better Prepare and Manage your Future Schedules.


Your Voice Physio can also show You Simple Strategies using Mobility and Strength Training to Enhance your Breath Support and further Improve the Efficiency of your Voicing.



Your Physio is a Singer herself so she Understands the Frustration of Vocal Tension and how Upsetting it is when you Can’t Sing Freely.

Further, she has studied Vocal Unloading under the most experienced Voice Physio in Australia so You are in Good Hands.

If You have Pain when you Sing or think you may have a Voice Injury, please visit your ENT or SLP immediately.*