Run Strong

Running pain sucks!

As a runner myself who have had running pains, I know only too well how annoying and frustrating it is!

What I want you to know is that it doesn’t have to be this way, you are NOT stuck with your running pain forever.

You see, some 90% of running pain is a result of training error, such as doing too much too soon or having sudden spikes in loading demand (how much you run).

One way or another, the demand on your body exceeds what your body is ready for (tissue capacity), then tissues become sensitised and running becomes painful.

Did You Know


Running Injuries

Are due to Training Error?

The Key To Overcoming Running Pain Is.....

to have a well-structured plan that aims to
MoveMedics Number 1

Stop The Overwhelm

Your body is really good at regeneratng itself when it’s not overwhelmed so let’s give it the chance to!

We will use D.I.Y Pain Reliefing Strategies so you start feeling better straight away.

MoveMedics Number 2

Keep You Moving

We want to keep you active so you don’t lose your hard-earned fitness and conditioning.

We will carefully monitoring your symptoms using practical and tangible load management tools and adapting your training as required.

MoveMedics Number 3

Build Your Buffer

By doing the right exercises for your phase of rehab and progress them as you improve.

We gradually build up your tissue capacity and resilience so that it can more than handle the demand of your running.

Your body is amazing and will adapt with the correct training. It takes time to build strength, endurance, power and other awesome abilities needed for strong running. There is no short cut to this.
Your body also has tremendous capacity for healing and this takes time, too. Take tendons for example, they can take anytime between 6-8 weeks to 6-8 months to sort itself out. There is no short cut around this either.
What you can get a short cut for is having a coach to put you on the most direct path to success. Don’t waste time searching and trailing, let me show you where the bumps and traps are so you can focus on doing exactly what you need to get back to pain-free running.

I'll Guide You Every Step Of The Way!

MoveMedics - Our Fees

How Long Will This Take and How Much Does It Cost?

Time and cost of rehab are as individual and varied as running shoes designs.

Everyone is different and it really depends on who you are, what you do, and the unique circumstances that surround you.

That said I recommend planning for 3 weekly sessions in the beginning because this gives us the time to:
1. Set you up properly for success
2. Complete our Run Strong Checklist
3. Gives you the chance to field test and tweak your plan

Once we’ve got you properly set up, we’ll only need to catch up when you’re ready for the next-level progression.

Our Run Strong Checklist

  • Set Your Goals
  • Build Your D.I.Y Pain-Relief Toolkit
  • Your Load Management Strategies
  • Your Symptom Monitoring Tools
  • Your Baseline Movement Assessment
  • Your Exercise Programme
  • Safe Running Progression Strategies

Selina. Physio. MoveMedics. Square Headshot

Selina Says...

What I find is that runners like you are very savvy and most are already doing lots of the right things for themselves, what typically keeps them stuck is just a few pieces to the puzzle missing here and there which is why you’d want a coach to help you tie it all together.

I’d be delighted to help you out!

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