Pole Dance Injuries

Say Goodbye to Explaining what You Love to Someone who doesn't Get it.


Have Your Pole Injuries managed by The Pole Physio!


If You have a Pole Dance related injuries

You are on the Right Page.


Pole Dancing is hard! It is very Physically Challenging but it is also Super Fun. The pole community is one of the most Supportive and Inclusive spaces there is so it is truly an Amazing Sport to be a part of.
The Flip side of doing such a demanding activity is that some time injuries happen.
It is very Common for a pole dancer to experience Pain and/or Injuries, especially in their Shoulders, Wrists, Ribs to name just a few. It is also all too common to hear of polers being Plagued by Persistent Pain or worse, have to Give Up Pole!
The reality is that a lot of these injuries are Simply Poorly Managed and/or polers go back to pole Before they are Ready. We all forget how hard we worked on a basic climb in the beginning!
Fortunately, these can be Rectified by Personalised Programme designed to manage Your Training Load, Correct Your Movement Deficits, and get You Back to Pain-Free Poling.


A Good Pole Rehab Programme should have these Essential Elements:


1. Identifying all Provoking factors to Your Pain and Addressing them accordingly.


2. Modifying Your Activities so you can Keep Moving AND Get Better. Yes! You can have both.


3. Build up Your Strength and Correct Your Movement Deficits to enable You to manage the Rigours of Pole Dancing.


4. Ensuring You have the Correct Technique for Fundamental Skills such as Invert, Shoulder Mounts, One-Arm Spins, the Various Grips…etc, and providing you with the Steps to develop these Pole Essentials on BOTH sides.


5. Creating a Self-Care Programme that includes Priming and Remedial routines for long-term, Happy Poling.



Your Physio is the renowned Pole Physio who was the Official Physio for the International Pole Championships (IPC) in 2010, 2012, and 2013.

She was also the Safety and Medical Specialist for the Original International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) from 2010 to 2013.

Selina has worked with and is Trusted by many of your International Pole Idols so You are in Good Hands.