Musicians’ Injuries

You Should NEVER have Pain When You Play Your Instrument.


Musicians are at High Risk of developing Overuse Injuries.


If you are a Musician and you have Pain when you Play

You are on the right Page.


Playing Music makes you Happy, it brings so much joy and can even Transport you to a Whole Different World!
The Time and Effort you invest into Developing Your Craft is one of the Most Rewarding things in the world, not to mention the way it Enables You to Connect with other Like-Minded humans is truly magical.
However, the Repetitive Nature of Skill Acquisition means that Musicians are Predisposed to Overuse Injuries, resulting in Pain when You Play your Instrument.
Pain Sucks! And having Pain that Interferes with your Ability to Play Music is just a Horrible Nightmare! Will it Affect my Livelihood? Will it Shorten my Career? Or Worst still, Ends it?
We understand that the Show Must Go On and you don’t want to Miss Out on Precious Opportunities, but Ignoring it and Hoping for the best is NOT the Solution because overtime, Overuse Injuries tend to get Worse, not only does the Pain Increase, eventually it also starts to Affect your Speed, Dexterity, and You can No longer Play for as Long as you Need.


How Stressful is that?


FortunatelyOveruse Injuries are totally Treatable and you Can even Learn how to Protect Yourself and Help Prevent it from happening again in the Future!


Your Physio is a Musician herself so she understands the Demands of Honing one’s craft and the Frustration associated with Playing with Pain.

She also has Extensive Clinical Experience in the Management of Overuse Injuries in Musicians so You are in Good Hands.