Flexibility Training

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Selina Says...

Flexibility training is Movement training.

Instead of chasing tricks, focus on improving How you move instead.

Develop your ability to Access your movement and improve your movement Options so you can “Be Free In Your Movement” and Choose to assume whatever shape you want, be that a split, a straddle, or a backbend, anytime you want.

This is my Flexibility Philosophy.

Flexibility Training the MoveMedics Way

At MoveMedics, we use a sequence of body weight exercises designed to develop your movement potential.
These movements enable you to master your pre-existing range of movement and as your mastery improves, go beyond, enabling you to freely execute movement of your choice, be that doing the splits, a straddle or a backbend.

Who's This For?

Anyone who wants to Unlock and Enhance their movement potential.
In particular, those who participates in activities where it’s Beneficial to have free access to one’s Mobility, such as Dance, Circus, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing… etc.
It is also a fantastic Cross Training for those involved in high intensity activities like Running and Cycling to Limber up their hard-working legs and bodies.

Training Options

We’ve something to suit everyone!

1-on-1. In Person

$11845-min session

The Bee's Knees of Training!

Nothing beats an individualised programme and having the complete focus of your coach to help you make a beeline to your goals.

Private Health rebate available for those with physio cover.

1-on-1. Online

Coming Soon!

I’m sussing out the workings of an awesome online platform to deliver Flexibility Training directly to your screen!

Stay tuned!

Group. Online

Coming Soon

I’m working on the best way to deliver online training to a small group to help you reach your flexibility goals.

Stay tuned!

Induction. Rebate. Terms.



What is this?

A 20-minute health screening and measurement session is required prior to the start of your first course.

This allows for the suitability for participation and precautions to be determined, as well as measurements taken to track your progress.



Because I’m a physio, not a fitness instructor, different rules apply to me and I also have different responsibilities, hence the need for Induction to be completed.



$20. Induction can be undertaken anytime during clinic open hours. Booking essential.

Health Fund Rebate


6-week Course

If you have private health insurance with physio cover, you can claim an item 561 (Class Consult) for each of the 6 classes.

How much will your fund cover is dependent on your individual policy so hit them up and ask about item 561.

An itemised tax invoice will be issued to you within 7 days of the completion of the course for you to make your claim directly with your insurer.


1-on-1 Training

You’re welcome to use your physio cover for these sessions.

How much will your fund cover is dependent on your individual policy so hit them up and ask about Item 500 (Initial Consultation) and Item 505 (Subsequent Consultation).

We can process your claim on-the-spot by swiping your health fund card through our HICAPS machine. You’ll then only have to pay the gap.



6-week Course

1. Full payment must be made 7 days before the start of your course.

2. We do not offer make up class if you miss a class.

3. Requests to withdraw from a course will be considered on an individual basis. An administrative cost will apply should a refund be granted.


1-on-1 Training

1. Our standard 24-hour policy applies for cancelling or rescheduling your session.

2. Late fee is the equivalent of your full session fee.