Persistent Back Pain

It's OK to have some Pain when You Move.


Movement is Essential in Overcoming Back Pain.


If you have Persistent Back Pain and You Want to Change it

You are on the Right Page.


Back pain sucks! Especially when it just Hangs Around and No Matter what you do, it is Still There.
It’s Not through a Lack of Effort either! You’ve spent Time and Money visiting different Health Professionals, have had some Successes But your Pain Comes Back when you Least Expect it.
You become Increasingly Sedentary and because you Can’t be as Active as you Want, you Put on Weight. You Live Less and Less and become ever more Sad and Sorry.
You may even have Tried the Alternative Stuff the internet has to offer but with so much Misconceptions and Misinformation Online about Back Pain the only thing they did was Lighten your Wallet. Fair enough for trying though because No One Wants Pain! It is only too easy to get Lost in all the Junk and get Stuck in a Rut. You’re definitely Not Alone there.


The Reality is that NO ONE THING can EXPLAIN away your pain!


So Why do so many people have Persistent Back Pain then?


The Truth is, these is NO ONE SINGLE, simple ANSWER either.


You see, Pain is Driven by Many Varied Factors and everyone has their Unique Factors Contributing to their Pain.
Here’re some Contributors to Your Pain Experience:
Non-Movement Contributors:
Your Past Experiences
Your Expectations
Your Illness Beliefs
Your Physical Environment
Your Mood
Your Emotions
Your Sleep
Your Stress Level


Movement-Related Contributors:
Fear Avoidance
Tissue Sensitivity
Movement Tolerance
Loading Capacity
Available Movement Options
Safe-Movement Threshold
Nervous System Sensitivity


If No One Thing can Explain away your pain, and there is No One Simple Answer to Why it Persists, then there can be No One Single Solution that will Make it Go Away.



To Overcome Persistent Pain, you need to Address All the aforementioned factors.
A Good Physio Rehab Programme has the Primary Objective of Correcting your Threshold for Safe Movement, Building up your Movement Tolerance, and Improving Tissue Resilience.
Further, it is necessary to Engage the right Experts to help address Non-Physio Factors Contributing to your Pain.
This takes Time, Effort, Dedication, and Commitment. Most Importantly, You have to be Ready to Make the Change.
If You are Ready to Make the Change, We are Happy to Facilitate.


Your Physio has 18 years of Clinical Experience in the Management of Persistent Back Pain and has had Many Successes using her Movement-Based Approach to Overcoming Persistent Back Pain so You are in Good Hands.

Are You Ready?
  1. You will do some Simple Stretches 5-10 minutes at a time, 5 times a day.
  2. You will invest 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week, to doing Specific Movement to Build up your Tissue Resilience and Loading Capacity.
  3. You will Learn about Pain and find out how You ultimately are the Only person Able to Change it.
  4. You will take on the Recommendations made by your Physio regarding Engaging other Health Professionals to help guide you.
  5. You will Commit the Next 6 months to this Project.