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Why Choose Physio?
  • Physios are University-qualified Experts in Movement, Musculoskeletal conditions, and Pain Management, which means they have the Knowledge and Expertise in Anatomy, Pathology, Pain Science, Exercise Prescription and much more to SAFELY Assess, Diagnose and Treat Your Pain and Injuries.
  • Physiotherapists, like Doctors, are Regulated by the Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency (AHPRA). All physios must be Registered with AHPRA in order to legally treat patients. Physios practise under Strict Rules, Regulations, and National Law, and must also abide by Continuing Education requirements to ensure a high level of Competency is maintained at all times.
  • Physios are Medicare Registered and Health Insurance Recognised Medical Professionals.
  • Our Physios are all members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). The APA “Signifies a Standard of Professional and Ethical behaviour Over and Above the Requirements of (AHPRA) Registration.”
  • When You Choose Physio, You can rest assured that You are being treated by a Highly-Qualified Health Professional who practises Evidence-Based Medicine.
What Are Your Fees?
  • In order for us to work out How Best to Help You, we allocate 1 hour for Initial Assessment and 45 minutes for Follow Ups. We feel this is Essential as we want to:
    • Get to know You – because to us, you’re more than just your pain.
    • Listen to all Your Concerns – so we can address them with you.
    • Learn about the Activities You have in Your life – so we understand the physical demands you need to manage in order to do what you love to do.
    • What Activities is Your Pain Preventing you from doing – so we can help you get it back.
    • Have Plenty of time for Treatment and also to Teach You what You can do Yourself to keep getting better in between sessions.
  • Initial assessment (1 hour): $150
  • Follow-up (45 minutes): $118
  • Please note if you have not attended for 8 months or longer, or you have a new concern, you will require an initial assessment.
How Many Sessions Will I Need?
There is No One Single Correct Answer for this as Everyone’s Pain is Unique. Here’re some factors that need to be considered:
  • For Acute Injury
    • The Type of injury
    • The Severity of injury
    • Your General health
  • For Persistent Pain
    • The Nature of Your Pain.
    • How many Contributing Factors do You have Driving Your Pain?
    • How Readily are You able to Start Integrating the Strategies Your Physio will show You to Overcome Your Pain?
    • How Much Time are You able to Dedicate to Implementing the Self-Help Exercises Your Physio will show You to Overcome Your Pain?
    • Your General Health
  • A big part of overcoming pain is to Build Up Your Movement Tolerance and Strength and these things Take Time. In our experience, most people start to see Small Changes within the First Few Weeks with Bigger and more Long-Lasting changes stablishing in 1 to 3 months and beyond.
What Do I Wear To My Appointment?
  • Your physio needs to See How You Move Your Entire Body to figure out all the Musculoskeletal Contributing Factors to your pain, which means the More they can See, the Better they can Help You. It is Paramount to us that You Feel Comfortable and Can Move Freely in your session so we recommend a Singlet Top and Shorts for Ladies and Shorts for Gents.
  • For Runners, shorts are essential so we can see your legs in action.
  • For Voice Physio, your physio Definitely needs to be able to Access Your Neck and Back so a Singlet top is a Must for our Ladies.
  • You are most welcome to get changed here.
Do You Have Parking There?
  • YES!
  • There are 4 visitor’s car parks on site, the sign on the wall says 45 minutes but you’ll be fine to park there. These can be busy during the day but there are ample metered street parks along adjacent streets.
  • The Gate to the Complex shuts at 6 pm, night visitors please Buzz us from the Intercom on the driveway. Hit the “Physio” button and we will Come Get You.
What If I Can’t Make It To My Appointment?
  • No problemo, we understand that ship happens and will happily reschedule your appointment for you. However, out of Consideration to All our Clients and our Experts, we Require 24-hour notice to Cancel or Reschedule an appointment or a Late Fee will be Incurred.
  • Our Late Fee is Equivalent to Your Scheduled Service Fee.
  • We much rather you spend your money on shoes instead so to Help You Avoid Incurring a Late Fee, our admin chimps will send you a Reminder 1 Day Before Your Scheduled Appointment.
Is Physio Covered By Private Health Insurance?
  • YES!
  • Physio is covered for those who have Extras Cover with their Private Health Insurance. How much you’re covered is Dependent on Your Individual Policy.
  • You can find out how much you’re covered by Contacting Your Health Fund Directly and enquire about the following item numbers.
    • Item 500 – Assessment Consultation
    • Item 505 – Subsequent Consultation
What About WorkCover, EPC, and 3rd Party Insurance?
  • We have chosen to NOT Work Directly with these insurers for a plethora of reasons. However, as a consumer You have a Choice who You want to see so You can still come here if You have such a Claim.
  • You will be Welcomed to our clinic like all our other Private Clients and like them, You will be Required to Pay the Full Fee of Your service On the Day of Your Service. We will then provide You with a Tax Invoice so You can Seek Reimbursement from Your Insurer.
  • We don’t want You to have any unexpected out-of-pocket expense so Please Contact Your Insurer directly to find out Exactly How much they will cover You for Prior to Booking Your appointment. For Most People, there WILL be a Gap.
Do I Need A Referral?
Why Don’t You Treat Children?
  • Because Children are very special, in all sense of the word. They require specialised care as the Growing bodies of children can present with Unique Challenges that adults do not, these often are conditions that one Does Not Wish to Miss.
  • It is our belief that all our clients deserve the best care possible, and where children are concerned, we believe they should be cared for by physios who are experts in the area of Paediatrics Physiotherapy.
  • It is for this reason that our clinic has a policy that we Do Not Treat Minor under the Age of 16. If you require a recommendation for a paediatrics physio in Brisbane, please don’t hesitate to message us.
Why Don’t I See Any Testimonials On Your Website?
  • Physiotherapists, like Doctors, are Regulated by the Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency (AHPRA). All physios must be Registered with AHPRA in order to legally treat patients and must Abide but strict Rules, Regulations and National Law.
  • Australian National Law Prohibits ALL AHPRA Registered Health Professionals, which includes Physiotherapists, from using Testimonies to Promote their Services, which is why Despite having lots of Happy Clients, we are Unable to Ask them to Share their Success Stories with You.
  • This is to Protect You, the consumer. It is a Bummer for us but at the same time we are Glad there is a Simple Tool You can use to tell if a Provider advertising a health service is an AHPRA Regulated Health Professional or not.