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I’m super excited to bring you my Signature Online Healthcare Courses!
The best way to achieving your goals is to be guided by an expert who not only knows the shortest way there, but also what to avoid.
After 19 years as a clinical physiotherapist, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience I want to share with YOU.
You can now have expert guidance in the comfort and privacy of your own home, 24/7.
“7 Steps To Healthy Movement” is now available as part of my “Movement Bundle”. You can access it by clicking on the picture below.
“Movement Bundle” includes complimentary mini courses that are currently in development, they will be added to your bundle as they become available.
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“7 Steps To Healthy Movement” is designed to help you confidently achieve an active lifestyle by building up your activity gradually over 3 months to meeting the guidelines for healthy living as recommended by the World Physical Therapy Congress.

Available now!

“Pelvic Floor Essentials” is designed for women of all ages to gain a fundamental understanding of the function of your pelvic floor, address a common issue experienced by many, Stress Urinary Incontinence, and to teach you a first-step exercise towards regaining your confidence and control over your pelvic floor.

Launching soon…..

“Unleash The Power Of Your Voice” is designed for professional voice users, such as singers, teachers, journalists, to tap into the hidden potential of your voice, a musculoskeletal instrument, using physiotherapy principles in strengthening, stretching, physical performance in order to help improve the support and efficiency of your voice.

Launching soon…..