At MoveMedics we have private and small group workshops.

Current Workshops

MoveMedic’s “Power Me Up Nutrition Workshop” is presented by our resident nutrition and food expert, Ashleigh Jones.

  • Are your shoulders more like rocks more than muscles?
  •  Do you have little gut issues that leave you stumped as to what really triggers it?
  • Are you someone who already has a good understanding of food and nutrition but just need a little help putting it into practice?
  • Do you feel lost in the sea of nutritional info on the internet and wishes someone would filter out the BS for you?
  • Do you have IBS or food sensitivities and are sick of a boring, restricted way of eating and would love some delicious variety back in your life?
  • Do you run out of fuel by midday and struggle for the rest of the day?
In two, one-hour workshops, our food-obsessed dietitian, Ashleigh, who has IBS herself, will:
  • Assess your overall health and gain a good understanding of your current lifestyle and commitments and establish your goals with you.
  • Provides you with simple strategies to implement immediately.
  • Show you her secret tips and tricks on meal planning and recipe building.
  • Troubleshoot any problems you have regarding food and nutrition.
  • Let you pick her brain and answer all your burning nutrition questions.
You will gain:
  • Confidence in selecting delicious food for yourself that will not ruin you in the ensuing days and/or weeks.
  • Knowledge that will help you navigate the sea of fads and trends without getting tripped and trapped.
  • Peace of mind that eating well and enjoying tasty food is not only possible, but actually not that difficult.
  • Specific skills around label reading and some choice product recommendations.
  • Digital resources to keep for your own reference.

Ready to be powered up?

Power-Me-Up Nutrition Workshop

What is Foam Rolling?


Who is foam rolling for?

Anyone who wishes to feel better in their own skin, literally!

It is especially beneficial for:
  • People who have to sit all day at work.
  • People who train very hard at the gym.
  • People who wish to improve their flexibility.
  • People who want to get the most performance out of their muscles.
  • People seeking a competitive edge.

Fascia – an extensive web of connective tissue that connects everything in out body, can be thin like our eyelids or thick like our Achilles tendon and everything in between.

Overload, disuse, dehydration can cause fascia to thicken and limits their ability to slide, hence impeding mobility and good quality movement.

Mobility is a critical but often neglected part of good movement health.

Foam rolling is a great way to train your mobility.


In this one hour workshop, your physio will show you:
  • Why foam rolling is so awesome.
  • What to roll.
  • How to roll.
  • When to roll.
  • When not to roll.


What you get:
  • A routine of foam rolling exercises to commence mobility training.
  • A booklet outlining everything you need to start being free in your movement.
  • The knowledge and ability to perform basic body maintenance using a foam roller.
  • A fancy new roller to use if you purchase our special workshop package.


We restrict each workshop to 8 participants only for optimal learning and maximal interaction.

Ready to Loosen Up?

Intro to Foam Rolling Workshop


Option 1. Workshop only: $30
Option 2. Workshop plus fancy new BLACKROLL roller (RRP $56): $76. You save $10!!!!
*Must purchase in advance and before workshop date.*

Workshops Coming Soon...