69% of Singers experience Vocal Disability regardless of the style of singing they do.


44% of Singers have had One or More occurrences of a Diagnosed Vocal Condition.

Are you over Tongue Root Tension stopping you from Expanding your Vocal Range?
Are you sick of Vocal Fatigue halfway through your set?
Don’t you wish you could just Sing Freely all the time?

Imagine how Wonderful it would be if You Could

Alleviate your Tongue Root Tension?
Sing with a Free Larynx so you can Freely Express yourself?
Expand your current Range and Sing your Best?

Singers are Athletes of the voice.

You use your voice a incredible ways, you also often have very demanding schedules, which means it is all Too Common for Singers to experience Vocal Tension.
Vocal Tension makes it harder for you to sing. It can come from your Neck, Jaw, Tongue, Soft Palate and more.
Your voice is Powered by your Entire Body. Stiffness and Tightness in other areas of singing, such as your Upper and Lower Back, Ribs, Diaphragm, and Hips may also hinder your singing.
Your Voice is a musculoskeletal instrument so like the rest of your body, is subjected to overuse injuries, such as Vocal Nodules.*

Common examples of things that can increase Tension in your voice:

A Sudden Increase in Vocal Load.
Singing in an unaccustomed Style or Genre.
Illness. E.g. after cold & flu / cough / Sore Throat / Sinusitis / Allergy flares / Laryngitis.

What can our Voice Physio do for you?

Voice Physios use Manual Therapy Techniques to help alleviate tension in your key singing areas, e.g. Larynx, Neck, Jaw, Tongue. This helps facilitates Free Movmment of Your Larynx.
Physios can also assess and treat any limitations coming from your Back, Ribs, Hips, etc to help you better access good Alignment for singing.
Physios assists with Load Management Strategies, you learn how to quantify, track, and monitor your vocal load. You Learn Strategies to Prepare for periods of Increased singing, e.g Festivals, Rehearsals and Shows. Good Vocal Load Management is essential to help Prevent Overuse Voice Injuries.
Physios are experts in prescribing Stretching and Strengthening exercises, which means you’ll learn stretches to keep your body limber and your voice free, strengthening exercises to keep your whole body strong to help power your voice. You get a Programme designed to help improve your Ease of singing.
Voice Physios work very closely with SLP’s, ENT’s, and Vocal Coaches so you get the Best Team with Your Best Interest in mind On Your Side.
Voice Physio is an Invaluable Service to help keep your voice in tip-top shape.

Our Principal Physio is one of a handful of physios in Australia who is qualified to treat the voice.

We are centrally located in South Brisbane and have a range of appointment times available which means you can get started with Voice Physio today!

If you have pain when you sing or think you may have a voice injury, please visit your ENT or SLP immediately.*