Sports Injuries

The #1 Mistake People Make when Returning to Playing Sport after Injury is:


You Go Back BEFORE You’re Ready.

Are You Frustrated that Your Old Knee injury is Preventing You from Playing at the Intensity You Know You Can?
Are you Tired of Your Shoulder Flaring Up Every Time You go back to the playing Tennis?
Are you Over Rolling Your Ankle Again and Again after that Sprain Years Ago?

Imagine how Wonderful it would be if You Could

Cut and Change Directions Confidently and Easily.
Swing Freely as You Serve that Ace down the line.
Run around Without Worrying about Your Ankle Giving Way.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make with Returning to Sports after an Injury is

Go Back BEFORE You are READY
When You Stop Your Rehab once Your Pain is Bearable and You can Get By with their Everyday Activities, You are MISSING OUT on the Real Rehab, which can only Start when You’re essentially PAIN FREE.
Your Injury, apart from being Painful, also Affects Your Strength, Balance, Proprioception (body awareness), Coordination, Motor Control… etc. These are Basic Building Blocks for Complex  Movements, when Your Basics are Compromised, Your High Level Skills WILL BE AFFECTED as well.

Essential High Level Skills Required for Safe Return to Sport

Changing Directions

How Do I Know if I’m Ready to go back to Playing Sports?

Depending on the Sports You play there’re a number of Prerequisites that You MUST be able to COMFORTABLY, CONFIDENTLY, and CONSISTENTLY Perform
For Sports that involves Running e.g. Footy, Basketball, Netball
Jump, Hop, Land, Run, Cut and Change Directions.
For Upper-Limb-Dominant Sports e.g.Tennis, Kayaking
Push, Pull, Lift, Throw, Load through Your arms.
Being Pain Free is NOT an Indicator that You’re Ready to go back to Playing Sport.

What Can Physio Do For You?

Physios are Experts in managing Sports Injuries are Highly Skilled in Exercise Prescription which mean we can:
1. Assess and Diagnose Your Problems.
2. Prescribe and Teach You the Exact Exercises You Need to Build Up your Building Blocks for Movement.
3. Implement a Graded Return to Sports Programme that progressively Checks off all Your Prerequisites, gets You Ready to Return to Playing the Sport You Love, and to Help Prevent Re-Injury.

Our Principal Physio is not only a highly experienced Physiotherapist, she also has Extensive Experience and Expertise in implementing Return To Sports Programmes which means You get a Tailor-Made solution specific to Your Needs.

We are centrally located in South Brisbane and have a range of appointment times available which means You can get Better Properly Today!