Splits, Straddle, Backbend

The Biggest Mistake people make with Flexibility Training is:


They Do The Wrong Things.

Are You Sick of Stretching and Stretching and Getting No Where?
Are You Tired of “Getting the Splits” only to Lose It Again the next day?
Are You over being the only one Not getting bendy even though You work as hard as everyone else?

Imagine how Wonderful it would be if You Could

Easily Drop into a Split?
Not get a Sore Back the day after Backbend training?
Actually Improving from all the Hard Work You put in?

Flexibility Training is about Neuromuscular Training and Not Simply Stretching.

Which means Integration of Your Nervous System and Your Body to Function in Unfamiliar Territories. Simply put, if Your Brain can’t “See the Space” there is NO CHANCE it will ever know it can “Use that Space”. Furthermore, if You haven’t Earned your Brain’s Trust in these unfamiliar territories, it will NEVER voluntarily go to those end ranges of movement. If You Force it to, it just Tightens up.
Where Soft Tissues are concerned, Suppleness is KEY. Good Suppleness comes from Your Muscles, Tendons, Nerves…etc All Sliding well together. E.g. if all You feel is Nerviness when You stretch Your hamstrings, You most likely have a Nerve Mobility Limitation, stretching Your muscles alone will NEVER change this, You need to first improve Your Neural Glides.

Common Mistakes in Flexibility Training

1. Doing Passive Stretching
The only thing that can change Your sarcomere (muscle cell) length is Eccentric Training, so it doesn’t matter how much passive stretches You do or how long You sit in Your splits or straddle for, You are NOT actually going to get longer, not to mention getting longer is NOT how You get bendy.
2. Holding Your Stretch when it is Nervy
Nerves DO NOT like being Held on Tension, in response to that the muscles around it Typically Tighten up to Protect the Nerve. Nerves and Muscles require Different Techniques to improve their suppleness. Knowing What to do When is Critical for progress.
3. Doing Partner-Assisted Stretching
Flexibility training is about Your Nervous System Adapting to doing new things, when someone else is controlling Your movement, Your nervous system DOES NOT ADAPT and hence You make No Gain.
Plus, it takes Skill and Technique to assist a movement Safely and Correctly, all too often we see Injuries resulting from Inappropriate Application of Force and Unsafely Practices. Partner-assisted training is really only appropriate for contortion-level flexibility, and most certainly only under the guidance of a qualified coach.

How Can You Tell If You’re Doing the Wrong Things?

1. Your Active Flexibility Lags way behind Your Passive Flexibility.

E.g. You can pull Yourself into a Split Against a Pole/ Tissu/ Lyra but You Can’t Actively hold Your Legs in the air.

2. You Do Not Keep Your flexibility.

E.g. You “Get Your Splits” During Your training but You Lose It the Next Day.

3. Lack of Progress

E.g. Nothing changes not matter what You do.

How can our Physio help You?

Physios are Experts in Movement and Exercise Prescription so we can assess you and determine:
1. What is actually limiting Your progress and what to do about it.
Nerve mobility? Strength? Motor control? Body Awareness?
2. Prescribe the Exercises YOU Need to achieve Your Goals.

E.g. A flat Jade Split. An Eagle. A Proper Straddle.

3. If You have any structural limitations to getting your splits / straddle.
E.g. Hip socket shape and depth.
There is No Short Cut to Flexibility Training, but with the right Knowledge, Strategies, Exercises, and Commitment, You too Can be Bendy.

Our Principal Physio is “The Pole Physio” who has worked with elite Pole Dancers around the World and has Extensive Experience in Aerial Sports and Expertise in Safe and Effective Flexibility Training.

 We are centrally located in South Brisbane and have a range of appointment times available which means You can get started Being Bendy Properly Today!