Persistent Pain

1 in 4 People will have Back Pain at Any One Time.


Pain Killers, Bed Rest, Surgery are NOT Recommended Treatment for Back Pain.

Are you Sick of Your Back GIVING OUT Every time you Try to Exercise?
Are you Over Your Back Dictating what You Can and Can’t Do?
Are you Confused by all the Conflicting Info out there?

Imagine how Wonderful it would be if You Could

Pick up What You want, When You want.
Do the Housework Without getting a Sore Back.
Run around and Play with Your Kids Freely and Easily, PAIN FREE.

The Biggest Misconception where Pain is concerned is that Pain Equals Tissue Damage.

Yes, pain can Sometimes mean you have tissue damage, but most people who have Persistent Pain DO NOT have Tissue Damage.

How can this be?

This is because Pain is 100% about PROTECTION. Pain is an Alarm System Warning you about Potential Danger. When Your brain has more Credible Evidence for Danger vs Credible Evidence for Safety, it will OUTPUT A PAIN EXPERIENCE FOR YOU whether You like it or not.
That is NOT to say that it’s all in Your head and You should just get over it. NO. Pain is ALWAYS REAL. What it means is that Persistent Pain is an Adaptation of Your Nervous System and Yes, it CAN be changed. The Good News is that the only person who can change Your nervous system is YOU.

How do You Change it?

Firstly, we need do understand that Pain is a Complex Bio-Psycho-Social Phenomenon, which means Many Factors can be driving Your Pain Experience. Identifying and Addressing each of YOUR unique drivers can Systematically Change Your Nervous System, and consequently, Change How You Feel.

Factors that can Influence Your Pain Experience

Your Past Experiences
Previous Pain, Previous Injuries
Your Expectations
What have I done? What have others done?
Your Illness Beliefs
What do I know about this Pain/Injury?
Your Physical Environment
Family, Friends, Home, Work
Happy, Sad.
Stress, Anxiety, Uncertainty, Fear, Anger, Joy, Peace
There’re Abundance research evidence demonstrating Sleep and Pain are Linked. If You can Improve Your sleep, You WILL Improve how You Feel.
It’s quite a list isn’t it? Which means there’re Plenty of Avenues to Explore and Plenty of Places You can get Improvement out of!

Movement is KEY

If You have a Persistent Pain, chances are that You’ve Unwittingly Limited Your Movement. However, Movement is the KEY to Correcting the Adaptation of Your Nervous System and Breaking the Cycle of Pain.
Your Brain’s Number One job is to keep You Alive and it will Do Anything At All Cost to keep it that way. One of the Tricky things it does when it thinks You’re in Danger is to Change Your Threshold for Safe Movement. Essentially it creates a Huge and Inappropriate Buffer to Movement and You end up being Very Limited in what You Think You can so. Imagine having an Overly Protective Body Guard who says NO to Every Movement You want to Do, even Normal things like Bending Over, Standing up from Sitting are not “Allowed“. There’s Not Much Joy in that, isn’t it?
Movement is YOUR Friend. It is Safe to Move even when You Have Pain. The KEY is Figuring out How Much to Move, What to Do and When to Do, and also How to Progress as You get Better.

What Can Physio Do For You?

Physios are not only Experts in Movement and Exercise Prescription, they are also Highly Experienced in the management of Persistent Pain using the Latest in Pain Science Research and Evidence-Based Methods which mean we can:
1. Help You Identify the Musculoskeletal and Movement Drivers for Your Persistent Pain.
2. Help You Neutralise Threats to Movement and reestablish a Correct Threshold for Movement by using Graded Movement Strategies.
3. Teach You Movement-Based Pain-Relieving Strategies that will help You begin to Integrate More Movement in Your Life.

Our Principal Physio is not only a Highly Experienced Physiotherapist, she also has Extensive Expertise in the Management of Persistent Pain.

We are centrally located in South Brisbane and have a range of appointment times available which means You can Start Breaking Your Cycle of Pain Today!