Recreational Athletes

Did You know that Adding just 2 KM to Your 10 KM Run, Once a Week,


is Enough to Cause an Overload Injury?


Are You Tired of things Hurting Every Time you Up Your Training?
Are You Frustrated with Not Knowing How to Train More Without Risking Injuries?
Are you Sick of Resting an Injury only to have it Hurting Again when You Resume Training?

Imagine how Wonderful it would be if You Could 

Be Ready for Your Big Race with NO Niggles.
Smash your PB at your next event.
Know EXACTY how to Progress Your Training without Increasing Your Risk of Injury.

“I’m Fit, Strong and have Good Technique, Why do things still Hurt when I Train More?”

Because NO Amount of Technique can Protect Anyone, in Any Sports, from the Effects of Overloading.
Your Body is Robust and Strong and can be trained to do amazing things, however, doing Too Much Too Soon or having Random Spikes in Activity are Sure-Fire ways to OVERLOAD of Your tissues.
When You Load Your tissues Beyond their Capacity and Tolerance, structures, e.g. Tendons and Bones, become Sensitised and Painful.
Further, Physical Loading is “calculated” over a 5-week period, this is why Your Pain and Injuries seem to come on “for No Apparent Reasons” and Resting it for A Week or Two Doesn’t Work either.
Training at High Intensity and High Volume are NOT a problem, HOW YOU GET THERE IS!

Typical Mistakes Recreational Athletes Make when Increasing Their Training

1. Increasing Training Intensity Too Much
E.g. Speed, Rigour.
2. Increasing Training Volume Too Soon
E.g. Distance, Number of Sessions Per Week.
3. Lack of / Insufficient Rest
E.g. Sleep, Rest Days.
4. Lack of / Insufficient Recovery
E.g. Cool Down, Stretching, Massage.
5. Lack of / Insufficient Complimentary Performance Enhancement Training
E.g. Strengthening Programme, Dynamic Movement Control.

The KEY in managing Overload Injuries is to find the Balance between Doing Enough to Maintain Your Conditioning but Not Too Much to Hinder Your Recovery process, or Worse, Continually Aggravating Your injury.

What Can Physio Do For You?

Physios are Experts in Musculoskeletal conditions and are Highly Skilled in Treating Overuse Injuries which mean we can:
1. Assess and Diagnose Your Problems.
2. Prescribe and Teach You the Best Exercises to Overcome Your Problems and also to Prevent Recurrences.
3. Teach you Load Management Strategies so You Learn how much You Can Do and What To Avoid, and for How long to avoid during Your Recovery Process.

Our Principal Physio is not only a highly experienced Physiotherapist, she is also a Runner so she understands the Joys and Challenges of Rocking the Pavement.

We are centrally located in South Brisbane and have a range of appointment times available which means You can get Better Properly Today!