You Should NEVER have Pain When You Play Your Instrument.


Musicians are at High Risk of developing Overuse Injuries.

Is that little Ache Stopping You from Playing Your Best?
How Much is this Pain Really Costing You?
Are You sure You can Survive the Whole Tour with this Pain?

Imagine how Wonderful it would be if You could

Play as Freely as You want Without Aches and Pains?
Not have to Worry about if that Little Niggle would Ruin Your Career?
Be Fit and Strong so You can say Yes to Any Gig, Anytime, Anywhere?

Musicians are at High Risk of Developing Overuse Injuries.

Overuse Injuries are caused by Repeatedly doing the Same thing Over and Over, which is EXACTLY what You have to do to Get Good.
Playing an instrument is also a Very One-Sided Activity and this encourages Imbalances in Your Body which can then create Problems.
There is often a Sudden Spike in the Amount and Intensity of Play, e.g. Gigs, Festivals, Rehearsals, Tours…etc. Doing Too Much Too Soon and Random Spikes in activities are Known Causes of Overuse Injuries.

Signs of Overuse

1. Decreased Precision and Dexterity.

E.g. You feel Clumsy.

2. Fatigue, Reduced Endurance.

E.g. You Can’t Play for As Long As you used to.

3. Playing feels Heavy and Slow.

E.g. You Struggle with Speed Work / playing at High Tempo.

4. Tightness or Stiffness, especially in Your Hands and Forearms.

E.g. Cramps in Your Hands, soreness in Your Forearms.

5. Pain.

E.g. Pain during, immediately after, the day after playing.

Common Injuries for Musicians

Hand pain
Thumb Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tendonitis or Tenosynovitis, especially in the Hand and Wrist
Tennis Elbow
Shoulder Pain
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Nerve Irritation (Pain, Pins and Needles, Numbness Radiating from Your Neck to Your Hand)

What Can Physio Do For You?

Physios are Experts in Musculoskeletal conditions and are Highly Skilled in Treating Overuse Injuries which means we can:
1. Assess and Diagnose Your Problems.
2. Prescribe and Teach You the Best Exercises to Overcome Your Problems and also to Prevent Recurrences.
3. Teach you Load Management Strategies so You learn how to Plan ahead and Manage Your Playing Load leading up to Periods of Heavy Playing.

Our Principal Physio not only is a highly experienced Physiotherapist, she is also a Musician so she understands Your Needs and how the Show Must Go On.

We are centrally located in South Brisbane and have a range of appointment times available which means You can get started Playing Pain Free Today!