Muscle Tension Dysphonia

20% of occupational voice users e.g. Barristers, Teachers experience Voice Issues.


It is NOT normal to have pain during your speech.

Is Muscle Tension Dysphonia causing tension in other aspects of your life?
Are you embarrassed by your Voice Breaking mid sentence?
Are you over people saying “Are you still struggling with your voice?”

Imagine how Wonderful it would be if You Could

Speak with Clear Tone without Fatigue?
Speak at the Volume of your choosing?
Enjoy conversations with friends and family how You used to?

If you have Muscle Tension Dysphonia, you’re most likely already working with a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), and Ear, Nose & Throat doctor (ENT), and a Vocal Coach, but did you know you can also have a Voice Physio on your Voice Care Team?

Your voice is a musculoskeletal instrument so like the rest of your body, is subjected to overuse injuries, such as Muscle Tension Dysphonia.

Muscle tension increases with usage, this is normal.
However, when you use your muscles hard and for prolonged periods of time, they can fatigue and start to struggle. When they are tired, they have to work extra hard to make a sound, this creates more tension.
When you have increased tension around your larynx it becomes progressively harder for you to use your voice. When this persists over time you can see how you can get stucked in an ever-increasing cycle of tension. For some, this manifests as Muscle Tension Dysphonia.
Some of what you may experience includes hoarseness, a croaky voice, your voice drops off when you talk, vocal fatigue, muscle tension around your neck, jaw, or tongue. You may even have pain in your throat.*

Common examples of those who experience Muscle Tension Dysphonia:

A Teacher talking at school all day.
A Customer Service Officer talking on the phone all day.
A Barrister speaking in court for hours every day.

What can our Voice Physio do for you?

Physios are Experts in musculoskeletal conditions who deals with overuse problems all the time. Voice Physios have additional skills and expertise to help in the management of overuse voice issues so you get the assistance you need.
Voice Physio use Manual Therapy Techniques to help alleviate tension in your key voicing areas, e.g. larynx, neck, jaw, tongue, this helps facilitates an increased ease for speech, improve your ability to do your SLP and vocal exercises, greater overall comfort in your voicing areas, helping you break the cycle of tension.
Physios assists with Load Management Strategies, you learn how to quantify, track, monitor, and progress your vocal load.
Physios are experts in prescribing Stretching and Strengthening exercises, which means you’ll learn Simple yet Effective Exercises to help you stay on top of things.
Voice Physios work very closely with SLP’s, ENT’s, and Vocal Coaches so you get the Best Team with Your Best Interest in mind On Your Side.

Our Principal Physio is one of a handful of physios in Australia who is qualified to treat the voice.

We are centrally located in South Brisbane and have a range of appointment times available which means you can get started with Voice Physio today!

*If you have any of the these issues, you need to see an ENT to have your problem diagnosed and also work with a SLP to improve the mechanisms of your speech.